Specialty Mining Services just outside of Prescott, Arizona

Discover profitable and cost-effective strategies in the mining industry with marketing and research consulting located in Arizona. Learn the ins and outs of the mining industry, from start-up services to sales and procurement, with insight from industry experts.

Our owner has a wealth of hands-on experience in the mining industry and has worked his way up through the ranks. He has a good understanding of business processes and knows how to adequately extract gold, copper, and silver from the ground.

We offer specialized customized services in property development, excess asset managing, processing and mining equipment locating, as well as company consulting, plant audits, and mining crushing, grinding, gravity, and flotation.

Unit Costs were reduced by 16% through design changes, flow rerouting and reorganization, with record production during this period under Bazzill directives.

To this end, our experts will locate and develop packages and assist in progressive required planning. We have already-established mining properties, and are ready to help you actively proceed into finalized development.

Contact us today in Prescott, Arizona, for further information regarding our mining marketing and development consulting services.