Mining & Equipment, Development, Procurement & Sales just outside of Prescott, Arizona

The mining industry has been our livelihood for 42 years. After the Army, I worked my way up from shoveling on mill cleanup through the ranks with hands-on experience in operations and recovery – using the GI BILL to compliment mining and career initiatives. Working with great mining people, several successful startup operations were achieved! I was the mill manager of the world’s largest gold mine – very exciting and exhausting times to say the least . . .

In 1996, Bazzill Corp was formed. We have been involved in 70 to 80 projects since. Our services include: Technical consulting, plant and equipment valuations, (100 tpd up to 60,000 tpd plants), equipment selections for new projects, asset management, plant audits – and have battled conferred high-priced engineering firms on behalf of our clients…firms full of people that have never operated a plant! We have been successful most of the time.

Technical consulting, asset management, sales and procurement – that’s what we do.

Asset Management

Unit Costs were reduced by 16% through design changes, flow rerouting and reorganization, with record production during this period under Bazzill directives. We specialize in customized servicing in processing and mining, equipment locating, as well as company consulting, plant audits, and crushing, grinding, gravity, and flotation including property development and managing of excess assets

Sales & Procurement

If you are looking for specific mining equipment, we have the resources and industry connections to find it. If you’re looking to liquidate, we will handle that too.

Contact us today in Prescott, Arizona with any questions about our mining marketing consulting and other services offered.